Anthony Bone

I live in the City of Hobart, on the island of Tasmania which is known for its nature, clean air, and fresh food. Nature is all around us, yet I didn’t really appreciate nature and its positive effects on my body, mind, and health until I had completed my first Secrets of Natural Walking workshop in March 2014.


Since completing the Natural Walking workshop and practicing the keys of Natural Walking on a daily basis I have become more aware of the needs of my physical body and how connected we are to nature. It’s easier for me to make positive and healthy choices for my body, and I have the tools to stay calm and relaxed even when my life is busy and challenging.


I work as a Registered Nurse and a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist. What I have learnt from the 25 years in the health industry is that we need to look at the cause of our physical problems. Natural Walking has shown me that as I change the way I walk, the amount of physical problems in the body is reduced, and I am not creating new problems to deal with.


Prior to doing the Natural Walking I used to get a massage every fortnight, see an osteopath monthly, and need to swim several times a week just to maintain some sense of health in my body. My body was tight and uncomfortable a lot of the time. Since practicing the keys of Natural Walking on a daily basis and incorporating Natural Walking into my daily life I have found that I no longer need to get a massage, or any other physical therapy to fix my body. My body is more relaxed, subtle, and stronger. I experience less pain. If I am stressed or tired, then I only need to take a few steps of natural walking to relax and feel more energised.


As an instructor of Natural Walking I am very happy to be able to share the benefits of Natural Walking with you.

City: Hobart
Phone: +61 408 132 562

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