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Darragh O' Sullivan

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Darragh is from Kerry, lives in Cork, and works all over Ireland. He has explored many places and paths, and his professional background is quite varied (physics, business analysis, adventure sports, coaching...).


Nowadays, Darragh runs an acupuncture clinic, specialising in back problems and emotional issues. His second business provides consultancy in the development, standards and management of walking trails.


Secrets of Natural Walking has allowed these two seemingly diverse strands to be tied together! 


Darragh has found that SONW helps his acupuncture clients to experience deeper, more permanent healing, as the root causes of their problems can be naturally resolved. It also gives patients the chance to be involved and take positive steps (pardon the pun!) in their own treatment. 


As a passionate walker, Darragh works to provide opportunities for people to ramble in some of the most beautiful settings in Ireland. SONW has helped him to be even more grateful for walking and its many physical, mental and emotional benefits. For those who enjoy walking, Secrets of Natural Walking allows the chance for every step to be more joyful and healing.


Since his first workshop in 2014, Darragh has found huge relief from several issues: a life-long hip problem and poor sleep have improved enormously. SONW has also helped with severe plantar fasciitis from sport, and he finds that he has more energy than ever - these days even enjoying getting up early in the morning! 

City: Perth
Phone: +61 432 784 431

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