Jennie Chen

I was born in Shanghai and currently lives in Northern California. I encountered this Spiritual Path in year 2002 and this has changed my life since.  When the "Secrets of Natural Walking" was first introduced, initially I only take it as a convenient form of natural exercise without realizing its deep spiritual meaning.  After the first workshop and couple months practice, the chronical pain on my tailbone has disappeared. This outcome alone is beyond any results I had through the paths of medical and alternative medicine. 


Later I slowly came to realize that it also has deep impact on my spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Whenever I stopped practice, I found myself get emotional easily and more attached to the negativities; and whenever I resumed practice, I found myself more aligned with the Divine Source and it has amazing benefits on my physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing, and constantly being reminded through this practice that we are being loved every step of the way.

City: California - Fremont​
Phone: 650-605-3661