Jennifer Lee

Jennifer stumbled upon her spiritual journey in 2001 when she was looking for a way to deal with the stress and challenges of being in the real estate industry in Los Angeles. Little did she know that this was the beginning of a life transformation process that is still ongoing 15 years later. She has found much joy and peace in living her life with an open heart, and has had the beautiful opportunity to share this gift by teaching various meditation courses/workshops since 2006. She has helped hundreds of participants to also experience what it feels like to live with an open heart and to experience the inner peace, calmness and beauty of the heart, and how to use/apply this in everyday life.Jennifer joined SONW in December of 2013 and became a SONW instructor soon after. She experienced many physical body changes as her partial scoliosis improved significantly and her back straightened and chest open up. Even her clients commented that she is no longer hunched! Her breathing and digestive disorder also has improved. Overall, her body is a lot more toned and healthy. Jennifer is looking forward to many years to come as a SONW instructor and sharing this gift with others.

City: California ~ Los Angeles,  Australia ~ Perth
Phone: +610424856109 / 626-802-4955

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