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Julie Lin XinHong

SONW, a wholesome exercise!Through personal experience, I have learnt that nothing compares with natural healing. Medication provides a temporary solution, with the very possible danger of becoming overly-dependent on drugs. In many cases, medication ironically causes more harm than good. Whilst less invasive, therapy works, if at all, on the local area that is being worked on without providing healing to other parts of the body. These pale in comparison to how Secrets of Natural Walking is able to reawaken our own body's natural healing abilities so that we may function again, with no need for medication nor special equipment.


In Aug 2014, I had an inversion injury on my left foot which resulted in persistent ankle and foot pain. The report from my doctor reflected that it was caused by a lateral 4/5 tarsometatarsal joint injury that resulted in the chronic regional and neuropathic pain I was experiencing. My foot was swollen and hypersensitive, with peroneal tendon instability caused by a brevis tear. Two months down the road, my whole left leg was swollen. According to one of the foot specialists, it was the nerve inflammation that caused my whole leg to appear red and swollen. He told me that at best, the inflammation would cease with continued medication. At worst, it would develop into a chronic problem. I saw four specialists including a chinese traditional doctor who was well versed in treating sports injuries. Alas, none of them was able to help my foot recover. Rather despondent, I took up the suggestion to see a Neurologist. The neurologist did two electromyogram, first in Dec 2014 followed by another in April 2015. Both tests confirmed that I was suffering from the tarsal tunnel syndrome wherein the nerve was compressed. He had me continue with Venlafaxin, and advised surgery for persistent pain. There was, however, no guarantee of a complete recovery.

At this stage, I had spent, all in all, no less than $15,000. I deliberated on my choices. The operation cost would be an enormous amount, and irreversible should complications occur. As such, I decided to attend SONW2 and flew to Indonesia.


SONW 2 is conducted over two days. On the second day during the afternoon tea break, I was able to walk up to the front to thank the grand master, the founder of SONW, for I was now able to walk without crutches. That was the day I had my testimonial recorded and uploaded on YouTube.


Coincidentally, I had finished the prescribed bundle of medicine in that week. Now that I did not need crutches to move around, I decided to stop seeing the doctor in a bid to save costs. However, I was not told that discontinuing this medication would result in horrendous withdrawal syndrome. As a result, I could not sleep for many nights. I was very depressed, and carried with me irrational but intense fear. My whole body, the joints and muscles were so painful that I could not even turn my head left or right. I guess it was in part due to fatigue, but I was also experiencing shortness of breath and emotional breakdowns without any reason. It was a terrible experience. After about two weeks, I went back to my doctor to get help. He advised me to either turn back to the medicine or go for a deep tissue pressure therapy (myotherapy). I had done twice this therapy but the pain was so unbearable I nearly blacked out. It was so painful that my whole leg was swollen again on the second visit.


I am very grateful that I have a third choice besides medicine and therapy, doing SONW.


I started off by pumping my foot while sitting, and slowly when I was able to stand with my crutches. From there, I started to do the steps accordingly until not only am I able to walk again, all my pain and aches are gone. Luckily, SONW is a simple and low impact exercise reaping amazing results. I feel that my whole spine is strengthened and realigned. My mood has become lifted, peaceful and calm, and most importantly, I can now enjoy quality sleep. I find that SONW is a very wholesome exercise, with healing that was way beyond my expectations. I feel that my whole well being is taken care of.


I am so grateful that we are born with natural healing abilities. Without medication nor special equipment, we can actually do much, much better. All I can say is SONW has given me a new lease of life, and I am so grateful to enjoy every step towards healthier and more peaceful living.

City: Singapore

Phone: +6597211116

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