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Lina Sidik

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia and now living in Houston, Texas. Loves doing outdoor adventure with her family, travelling to many different places, experiencing the local food and culture, and enjoying its nature beauty. Her spiritual journey of opening the heart helps her to realize what is really important in life. She loves to share and help others through meditation, heart based guiding, massage therapy and bodywork, and energy healing. 


Lina first learned Secret of Natural Walking in early 2014, and it did not take her very long to experience the energetic benefit that this walking practice gives her as a chronic anemic.  Every step help her body healing ability to be activated  and it gives her much more energy for her daily activities. This natural walking also helps calming the mind, more patient with her children, better digestion, and better sleep quality.  A happy, healthy mind, body and spirit are all the Gift of Love from the Creator, and they are all related to one another.


She joins the SONW instructor team in May 2014 and teaches in English and Bahasa Indonesia. She enjoys sharing this wonderful practice and hope that more and more people would try this natural way of healing. She feels so grateful witnessing many miraculous transformations from those who diligently practicing Secret of Natural Walking. 

City: Texas ~ Houston

Phone: 832-3166355

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