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Sally Mydlowec

Sally Mydlowec, M.Ed., is a Secrets of Natural Walking Advanced Instructor, Reiki Tummo Master Teacher and an Open Heart Workshop Instructor, teaching in cities across the United States, Canada, British Columbia and Panama. She trained as an instructor under Irmansyah Effendi, M.Sc. Chairman of Natural Way of Living and Founder of Secrets of Natural Walking, Reiki Tummo and Open Heart Workshops. Sally has been teaching for Effendi since 2003 and continues her studies with him in the United States, in several trips to Indonesia and Bali, and in online sessions. He recently appointed her to a new Open Heart Board. She has offered presentations on “Effective Communications” at SONW, RT and OH Teacher trainings, as well as, mentoring Instructors-in-training. She was invited to facilitate an Open Heart Workshop at the annual Conference for Survivors and Families of Victims of the Virginia Polytechnic State University Tragedy. She has earned a Certificate as a Heart Based Therapeutics Practitioner.


In her professional life, Sally taught Biology and Anatomy & Physiology in Philadelphia, PA and suburban areas. She served as Executive Vice President & Dean of Academic Affairs, then as Provost Emerita, at a private college in Pennsylvania. During her academic career, she coached and judged, at local and state levels, Forensics tournaments in public speaking and conducted professional development workshops for college faculty on Presentation Skills, Teaching Methods, Planning and Outcomes Assessment. She earned a Certificate in Strategic Planning in Higher Education; served as Chair of a Middle States accreditation onsite team; and developed and directed a college-wide Institutional Assessment Plan.


As a child, Sally had a tendency toward respiratory illnesses, which continued into adulthood asthma. Her background in science caused her to follow a routine of medical and pharmaceutical treatments. Although helpful, they would alleviate the symptoms for a while and then the cycle of difficulty in breathing would begin again. After practicing Secrets of Natural Walking, Sally began to feel the difference in her breathing. It was freer and deeper with less tightness in the chest.

Her upper body posture was straighter and more relaxed. The need for her daily breathing inhaler 2x/day dosage was reduced, or sometimes not needed. She felt more energetic. Her former SONW students would frequently keep in touch about the positive changes they too were experiencing. One was a Chiropractor, who reported “I’m doing the walking daily practice, seldom missing a day, and it has been very helpful. It has really helped my feet. I feel that SONW would benefit many of my patients.”


Sally enjoys making connections with the new people who come for a SONW Workshop or an Introduction session, and seeing how quickly they become interested and want to learn more. Her personal vision for teaching Secrets of Natural Walking is to assist others to experience and realize, for themselves, the benefits and changes from Natural Walking on their physical body, as well as, for their mental and emotional well being. She is very grateful when so many share their wonderful stories of the changes they are experiencing, each unique for his or her individual needs…all happening naturally.

City: PA (Bensalem, Bucks County, Philadelphia)

Phone: +1 (215) 520-0192

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