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Spine Misalignment

Slipped Disc

A big piece of rubble from a building fell onto my back 9 years ago and one disc of my spine was dislocated until it could be physically seen protruding on my back. I wore a metal brace everyday for a year and for 8 years I couldn’t lay flat on my back. I was in constant pain even when lying down. During Secrets of Natural Walking® workshop, I felt something shifted in my disc and just in 3 weeks the dislocated spine was back in place, and the pain disappeared. I'm very pleased that I am finally free from years of pain, Thank You Secrets of Natural Walking® ! 

Spine Misalignment

In 2012, I had two injuries: I fell down stairs twice and each time it hit my tail bone, exact same spot. As a result, my tail bone is tilted, hip is misaligned and the right thigh muscle is in constant pain due to uneven body weight distribution. In 2013, I was traveling non-stop for work, weekly flight, long hour sitting, dragging the luggage while walking/running in airport in high heel makes the situation even worse, to a point that I have to put a complete stop on my travel and work. In the past two years, I was seeking all kinds of treatments on weekly basis: from physical therapy to chiropractice to acupuncture to massage to hot Yoga to herbal/aroma therapy...etc. Each type of treatment only alleviate the symptom temporarily, but the root problem remains un-tackled.


I finally got chance to learn those magic steps and although it didn't work instantly like a magic pill and often I felt pain and have to take a break after 10-15 minutes practice, sometimes even crawling to bed at night with a swollen tailbone, I didn't stop....I continued to practice as during each step,. It's only been two weeks since the workshop, I'm happy to notice that my thigh muscle spasm is mostly gone, so does my tailbone pain, my back is straighter, my posture is better, and can finish a 56 minutes intensive walking practice without taking any break. And being aligned, at all levels through all consciousnesses... is the most beautiful feeling ever... I look forward to more steps each day.

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May 28, 2023

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