Vincent Kertapati

"I live in Sydney, Australia.  In here, I enjoy the beauty of nature and yummy food from many different places and cultures.  


The Secret of Natural Walking has helped me to maintain my body weight and improved my health in general.  

Long time pain on my leg has been cured without any surgery needed.  

I can now fold both of my legs when I am doing meditation or when I am teaching Open Heart and Reiki TUMMO.  


Since 2003 when I fully dedicated my life to teach Reiki TUMMO, then Open Heart, and in 2015 I started teaching the Secret of Natural Walking, my life has changed beautifully beyond any word.  I live much more in peace, happier and wholeheartedly.  I am so grateful that I am able to help others in sharing this wonderful experience.”

City: Sydney
Phone: +61411153426

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