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Yvonne Kury

I teach SONW and really love it. I always liked to go running and enjoyed to do my meditation when I had free time. With SONW I found the perfect combination of a great whole body workout and also a very beautiful way to calm the mind and to completely relax. I never experienced before this deep inside peace and joy as it happens while doing SONW.


Seeing the positive results that SONW has on the participants of my workshops, especially those with back problems and also people who had problems to relax better in their busy lives, is wonderful. And in my own family, we all already experienced many positive results too, my 10 year old daughter e.g. can concentrate much better at school and we all feel more peaceful in our daily live.


I currently teach in Stuttgart and also in other European countries, e.g. in Belgium. I can teach in German and in English.

City: Stuttgart

Phone: +491743314115

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