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Anastasia Ardiastuti (Tuti)

Anastasia was born and grew up In Yogyakarta, Indonesia. she has loved singing since she was a child and continues to do so until the present day. Sorrounded by musical family and great musiciens in Yogyakarta and Bali, she was able to develop her singing and be Happy as a musicien.

During This time she was introduced to the Open-Heart Community which helped her enjoy life even more. It was opening her heart to True Source which enabled her to experience sharing the beautiful Happy feelings within the heart while singing.

In 2014, Anastasia attended her first SONW workshop. Feeling so grateful for the realisation that each human body is equipped with the Natural Abilities to rejuvenate and heal, she undertook formal training to be an SONW instructor. she is now so happy to have the opportunity to share This Beautiful gift From True Source with others, so they can enjoy life more.

City: Denpasar
Phone: +44 7493 1966 51

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