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Basic Prep Practice
  1. 10x Key 1-2: 
    Your knee relaxed with the weight of your front leg on your heel. With your whole leg directed straight forward, pump the pad of your foot. Repeat for the opposite leg.


  2. 10x Key 1-3:
    Repeat Preparation 1
    Let your body glide forward just until it is aligned with the front leg. With the left and right sections straight and parallel, your spine is aligned naturally, with your back foot rolling gradually. Repeat for the opposite leg.


  3. 5x Key 1-4:
    Repeat Preparation 1 and 2
    Stop everything; stop all readiness to continue the next step because the natural effects from the proper movements of your legs are happening on your whole body. Repeat for the opposite leg.


  4. 5x Key 1-5:
    Repeat Preparation 1, 2 and 3
    Let go of the weight of your body through the front foot into the Earth. Repeat for the opposite leg.


  5. 5x Key 1-6:
    Repeat Preparation 1, 2, 3 and 4
    Relax your back foot to rest on your toes with your knee folded. With your whole leg directed straight forward and your knee still folded, bring your back foot forward as the next step.

Key 1 -6 Practice
Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 11.44.42

1.  Swinging the Leg

2.  Pumping the pad of the foot

3.  Gliding the body forwards while rolling the back foot

4.  Letting all the adjustments happen

5.  Letting go your body weight into the Earth

6.  The next step

The real essence of Natural Walking is to let go of the way we over control our body, which many people do in daily life even when they are not busy. Only when the body is naturally relaxed, can the engagement of the muscles happen naturally.

Do not strive to do the keys perfectly, this will put stress on your body. Instead, as you are relaxed and enjoying, your body will “function” naturally on its own.

Challenge Guidelines

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