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Before and After

21 Day Challenge

The 21 Day Challenge was held through our Facebook platform. On January 2016, we held an inspiring challenge with 154 teams and  651 participants #walk4health. Here are some results from just 21 days of practice (60 mins a day minimum). Read more on our blog.

The 21 day challenge helped me to be less stressed. My school marks improved and my mood and body feel much lighter then before. As a bonus my back is straighter and I felt less tired after a long school day.

Mats Janosik, 17 Years Old

My stomach shrunk, my body and muscles are much more developed. I feel confident, happy and enjoying my life.

Dwiagus, Indonesia

I have severe rhumatoid arthritis and after practicing around 2 months, I am able to squat lower without pain.

Karen Clark

My anxiety was reduced, I slept better and my thyroid nodules that are visibly large in size to touch have also reduced. Most importantly, my attitude in life has changed, I am much more grateful.

Lisa Lew, United States

After falling down and not being able to get back up by myself, I decided to give Secrets of Natural Walking a good go. After 21 days I was surpised that my back hunch has improved and I feel stronger and healthier.

I sleep better, my posture is better, my hunched shoulder is straighter and my smile is sweeter.

Ife Lauritzen, 10 years old

Papa Peng Beng, 84 Years Old

I was diagnosed with Alopecia which is a autoimmune disease which causes hairloss in random spots. After the 21 day challenge there was a real result and improvement on the spot baldness. 

Gia, Indonesia

Natural Walking helped me to be more positive and optimistic, itmade me in a more of a cheerful and open person when it came to interacting with others. My skin has cleared up from the pimples,my thighs are tighter and my posture improved.

Nimue, Indonesia

Unbelievable, to my surprise it WORKED! My cholesterol went down to a normal level and so did my blood sugar. Walking properly is indeed very important to our health.

Marko, Indonesia

Although I did not do the 21 day practice continuously, I saw very visible results to the changes on my body and mood.

Gloria B, United States

My body weight has distributed evenly and my body proportions improved. I no longer experience pain in my right arm when lifting things. I am happier and more confident, calmer and much more focused in my daily life.

Caroline Seipp, Australia

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