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Degenerative Disc Disease, Balance Disorder, Stroke

Wun Hun Moi, 85 yrs, Singapore

During the workshop, all the stiffness and pain from my back and entire body had gone and I felt fresh and relaxed immediately. I have been very diligent with my practice of Secrets of Natural Walking. My daily routine of Secrets of Natural Walking has helped me not only in strengthening my back, but my hunched back is now very much straightened too! Read More >

Pelvic Floor Disorder

Pat Jane, 51 yrs, Australia

I am so grateful to be able to enjoy moving in the way my body was designed to without worrying about incontinence. It literally never occurred to me to try running again.... I had so given up years ago. I felt so inspired hearing what Loving changes are happening to other women through the Gift of Secrets of Natural Walking. Read More >

Neck, Shoulder, Back pain, Candida, Liver damage

Anyez, 40 yrs, United States

It has been 3 months since taking the workshop and I’m still practicing every day and loving it. My candida is gone, no itching, no eczema, and my eyes are clear. Old bumps/scars from the itching have disappeared. My posture has improved so much, and my shoulders are straight now. Read More >

Kyphosis (Scoliosis)

John Benko, United States

About 1 week after I took the workshop, I noticed my spine straightening... I measured myself 3 weeks after my first workshop, and noticed between a 3/4th and 1 inch growth! After another 2 weeks I was at about 1 inch. Now (about 6-7 weeks after) I’ve grown a little over 1 inch, and I feel I still have another 1/4 inch to grow before my spine is more ‘normal’ . Read More >

Degenerative Disc Disease

Jim Van Huysse, United States

I'm stoked to report that my back feels fundamentally different. I feel taller,straighter, and more aligned. A week ago, I sat at a concert on cement, backless “seats” for over 2 hours, (something I never could have done even a few weeks prior). Best of all, I don’t feel the need to watch every move I make in order to protect myself from pain. Read More >

Degenerated Cervical Spine, Hip and Knee pain

WIlly Iskandar, Indonesia

By the end of the 2 weeks, (of diligent natural walking practice), I squatted to pick up something that fell and I shocked myself because I could squat without experiencing any hip pain. Still doubtful, I tried to pick up something relatively heavy, and still no pain. Read More >


Elaine Newkirk, Pennsylvania, United States

“I do not have heel spurs but the neuroma* on the ball of my foot is similar type of discomfort and Secrets of Natural Walking actually made the pain go away. I love this stuff.” 

( * Neuroma is a painful condition, also referred to as a “pinched nerve” or a nerve tumor. It is a benign growth of nerve tissue frequently found between toes and brings on pain, a burning sensation, tingling, or numbness between the toes and in the ball of the foot. The principal symptom associated with a neuroma is pain between the toes while walking. At times, the patient will describe the pain as similar to having a stone in his or her shoe.) 

Hip and Lower Back Pain, Menstruation

Lutfiani Reed, Hong Kong

“I only did 10 minutes but the effect is amazing. It feels like receiving energy healing which continues long after I stop. It’s very calming on the mind and comfortable on the whole body, especially the back and the head. 

I did 2 hours of vigorous belly dance yesterday until I nearly died, which left me with sore hips and lower back. But now the pain is gone having practiced (natural walking) for only 10 minutes. In the past, I’d have to put cold compress on my hips and did physiotherapy, but not anymore! ” 

Fallen Arches

Ann de Jesus Negron, Brooklyn NY, United States

“I have fallen arches. I rarely wore insoles and rarely liked the arches in shoes as they were uncomfortable and caused pain at times if it was too high. When I was younger, I experienced a lot of shin splint pain when I walked due to the fallen arches, but over time and with Secrets of Natural Walking, it improved where I wouldn’t get shin splint pain anymore. I was also born with a foot that would turn inward. Not sure if it was a very mild clubfoot, but I did have one of those foot braces as a baby as I was told. As I got older it improved, but it would always go inward when I was exhausted and noticed pain with it. Lately I’ve been doing really well, as I haven’t had to pay much attention to my foot turning inward when I’m tired anymore.” 


Djohan Lie, Indonesia

I made a commitment to practice 45-minutes for 1 week. My blood sugar levels improved which drove me to want to practice 1.5 hours a day. The doctor said I no longer need to inject myself with insulin every day. I feel slimmer, healthier and fresher. My results from these 3 months have been significant and I highly recommend natural walking to others that have a similar condition to mine.” 


Krissan Iskandar, Perth, Australia

The doctors said it was impossible to straighten the spine without surgery which was only performed on serious scoliosis patients. I was also given the option of wearing a brace which would prevent the scoliosis from getting worse. I tried not to think about not having a straight spine for the rest of my life and accepted this until Secrets of Natural Walking. I could feel my “cracking” sounds on my back decreasing. I grew an extra 2.5cm tall (1 inch) and my waist is now straight instead of curved at the spine.” 

Gout Arthritis, Lymphedema

Gloria Carroll, Pennsylvania, United States

I don’t know of an official name for what ails my feet but an x-ray showed a bone spur. The podiatrist felt that was not the main source of problem, but instead might be arthritic gout. The orthopedic doctor called it lymphedema of unknown origin and recommended physical therapy that would have cost $2,000, so I didn’t do it. I decided to just do Secrets of Natural Walking. So much pain and swelling since last October is now down to 5% stiffness and swelling. I’m so grateful to have the use of my feet back! Walking in the sand at the shore at beginning of Summer was not possible...but now it is...I’m so grateful and happy. 

Osteoporosis, Pelvic Floor, Hot Flashes, Twisted Leg

Gloria Brennan, USA

After two years of yoga, strength classes and balance classes there was a little improvement but not enough to ride the old bike again. 

I stopped doing the yoga and other classes and have been doing the Secrets of Natural Walking regularly. While at my shore house in the beginning of July, there was the bike calling to me. I was a little scared but thought to give it a go. It was so delightful to ride again and have not one bit of balance trouble. Also, I can now climb up ladders to the top rung which I had been unable to do. I’m so grateful for this most beautiful Gift of Love that is renewing us in so many ways.” 

Flat Foot, Bow Legged

Patrick Rosalez, United States

“I have had flat feet and had to wear insoles for the last 10 years, otherwise I would experience pain when walking. After diligent practice of Secrets of Natural Walking, in only 2 weeks I no longer could wear the insoles as they became uncomfortable. So now I no longer wear any insoles ever! Also I was bow legged and notice my legs becoming more straight.”


Dr. Julius Pangayoman, Indonesia

“I always had high cholesterol with a high risk of heart disease. As a medical student 18 years ago, I learned Thompson research states that even by exercising routinely for 4 hours per week for 5 months, HDL* can only increase by 5mg/dl. After joining Secrets of Natural Walking for 2 months, my HDL increased 10mg/dl and I’m now healthier than ever! ” 

Orthotics, Balance, Emotions

Jo Malone, United States

Secrets of Natural Walking is a simple yet amazingly effective way of restoring your personal health and well being. As a former yoga teacher I practiced 3 hours a day for ten years trying to release tension and improve postural imbalances. 

After attending my first SONW workshop, issues I had very consciously been attempting to fix for years were addressed. I no longer need to use orthotics, and the tension on my foot, neck, shoulder were released from the right side of my body. As I continue to practice SONW I stand taller, have more balance and muscle tone. I am emotionally lighter and more relaxed with my family, friends and colleagues. I no longer need to put effort into selecting asana postures and designing yoga asana routines. I simply enjoy the practice of walking naturally. 

The most beautiful experience for me is to have found a practice that flows naturally into daily life. With each step, my body is being healed and my heart is being opened to Love, Life and all wonderful things from The Creator...

Hunched Back, Ageing

Bu Iskandar, Indonesia

As an old lady (77 years of age), I did not expect too many changes to happen to my already ageing body. From natural walking, my hunched back is now straight, I feel taller, and stronger than ever. Every part of my body feels more alive and muscle tone has naturally lifted. 

I feel less sleepy in my daily life. Because my heart feels calmer and my mind clearer, I love making time to practice this every day.

Rhumatoid Arthritis

Bertha, Australia

“I attended my first session of the course (Secrets of Natural Walking) and at the end, found the pain in my shoulders had vanished and I could raise my arms above my head so easily and painlessly. 

Imagine my surprise on the next day to find I could stand up from the settee with no pain and no need to have someone haul me to my feet. This has continued to my amazement and delight!!” 

Severe Knee Pain and Deterioration

Goen Gunadi, Bandung, Indonesia

I am 49 years old, and have had knee problems for years. Two years ago, my knees started to hurt when walking up the stairs. My condition deteriorated lately to the point that walking became painful. I tried different remedies for months to no avail. The doctor at the specialist bone hospital advised me that the only option left was to undergo surgery. 

After 6 weeks of practicing Secrets of Natural Walking, my knee pain disappeared completely, even when walking up the stairs! My stomach and chest muscles became firm, I lost 4cm (1.6 inches) off my waist and I feel fresher and energized every day without doing extra exercises or being on a special diet.

Chronic Back Pain

Kelly, Los Angeles, United States

“I experience chronic pain in my upper back area on a daily basis. I get two 1-1/2hr massages per month and take at least 2-3 hot baths weekly. I put a topical ointment cream on my back 4 times per week and walk at least 4 times per week. All this in attempt to relieve the pain. 

Several hours after the first day of the Secrets of Natural Walking workshop, my pain was gone. Completely gone! I wish I had taken this workshop last year as it would have saved me a lot of time and money in the management of my pain. I will definitely be faithful in my SONW practice. This as a true gift.” 

Fibromyalgia Pain

Anita Adams, United States

Incredible practice! I encourage everyone I know who has a desire to feel better, to try this workshop. It’s helped me tremendously. No hip pain, no fibromyalgia pain, more toning, more energy, a calmer mind, and more peace-filled heart. Thank you to Diana for sharing her knowledge and gifts with me and many others!

(*Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues.)

Spine / Slipped Disc

Yanto, Medan, Indonesia

A big piece of rubble from a building fell onto my back 9 years ago and one disc of my spine was dislocated until it could be physically seen protruding on my back. I wore a metal brace everyday for a year and for 8 years I couldn’t lay flat on my back. I was in constant pain even when lying down. During SONW workshop, I felt something shifted in my disc and just in 3 weeks the dislocated spine was back in place, and the pain disappeared. I'm very pleased that I am finally free from years of pain, Thank You SONW!


Marko Hermawan, Indonesia

Unbelievable, I am so grateful to have completed 21 days of practice for 60 minsutes a day and to my surpirse it DID work! My cholesterol & blood sugar levels went down to normal. My HDL increased 7mg/dl, My LDL reduced by 7mg/dl.

Knee and Shoulder Pain, Imbalanced

Diana Forsyth, United States

From my experience, the Secrets of Natural Walking practice has given me the following benefits: 

• No more pain in my right knee. 

• Better balance, i.e. greater body core strength. This is important as I am now 63 years old. 

• Less shoulder pain. 

• Much better posture - my posture was quite hunched. 

I am very grateful to have participated and will continue the practice” 

Spine and Hip Misaligned

Jennie Chen, San Francisco, United States

In 2012, I had two injuries. I fell down stairs twice and each time landed on my tail bone, exact same spot. As a result, my tail bone is tilted, hip is misaligned and the right thigh muscle is in constant pain due to uneven body weight distribution. 

In the past two years, I was seeking all kinds of treatments on weekly basis, including physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, hot yoga, herbal/ aroma therapy and more. Each type of treatment only alleviated the symptom temporarily, but the root problem remained unresolved. 

It’s only been two weeks since the workshop, I’m happy to notice that my thigh muscle spasm is mostly gone, and also my tailbone pain. My back is straighter, my posture is better, and I can finish a 56 minutes intensive walking practice without taking any breaks. And being aligned, at all levels through all consciousnesses... is the most beautiful feeling ever. I look forward to taking more steps each day.

Neck Pain, Ageing

Rusmala Dewy, Indonesia

I’ve had years of neck pain. When I move my neck muscles, I can feel pain and discomfort. After the first session of Secrets of Natural Walking, all the pain completely disappeared and healed even until now.  What I most liked was that the wrinkles that pointed downwards around my lips that were there from ageing have been lifted slightly. My face looks sweeter as if it is naturally smiling. When I am not practicing, I make sure I remember to step with my heels first in my daily life 

Waistline, Body Shaping

Heryadi, Jakarta, Indonesia

I am 46 years old and I rarely do any exercise. A very unhealthy lifestyle and 99% of the time I eat out at restaurants.

I have joined SONW Workshop a couple of times but it is when I joined the SONW Walking Center Program I felt the drastic change. Practicing at the walking center is very different from practicing at home/ other places because I had proper assistance and guidance from professional walking instructors who monitored my growth. 


I was confused and pleasantly surprised how my big belly could deflate in a short period of time with just joining these programs at the walking center. This is because I had previously tried various ways to reduce the size of my waistline through exercise, fitness, diet, herbal medication, acupuncture etc without successful results. I was not the only one to experience this, many of my friends who joined the SONW Walking center also found it was easy to reduce the size of the stomach through SONW. 

Weight Loss

Ronald, Indonesia

Six months after SONW, I lost 10 cm of my waist line; my body was fitter; and I felt better.  I still ate normally, and I still have my midnight snacks often; and to be honest, I didn’t do the suggested 30-minute SONW exercises.  When I did it intensively for 2 weeks, my stamina impoved even more, and I lost 4 cm of my waistline within those two weeks.  Losing my waistline is unique for me because this had been a challenge for me.  I don’t have any other health issues, so I really feel the improvement of my stamina: I used to get tired the day after my commute to work (riding a motorcycle in long distances), but I was still fresh the following day. I’m very grateful to the Creator

Body Proportions

Fita Lie, Indonesia

When I first learnt how to walk naturally, I found it difficult to believe that something so easy and simple would result in so many benefits for me. Previously, I used to go to the gym 4 times a week to attend 1 hour sessions of aerobics, yoga or muscle pump to help maintain my body weight. However, I wanted to tone my body further and found it impossible to reduce the weight around my hips.


I was determined to achieve this and even tried very expensive body shaping corsets and various “shaping” creams with no real change in the size of my hips. 

I initially started walking naturally for half an hour each day because it helped my heart feel freer but after a couple of weeks, I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that my hips and thighs had become smaller and my overall body shape became more proportional. 

I feel confident now with a more proportional body shape and am so grateful for this miraculous change. Do not underestimate the benefits of the Secrets of Natural Walking! 


Cheynie Sukha, Australia

I am 41 years old……About dec 2013 I began experiencing symptoms that I could only describe as menopausal. I was increadibly moody and super teary. The moods tended towards depression and the feelings of overwhelm in my day to day life were frightening. My skin itched, my sleeping patterns changed and I simply stopped menstruating. I felt like I had a permanent state of Pre-menstrual tension…. This continued for 3 months.

I didn’t feel ready to go through this change so early in my life, and I know I was a walking nightmare for my family.


I saw 2 doctors that confirmed ‘peri-menopause’ and both prescribed one pill or another, both of which I did not take. I saw a chinese herbalist who prescribed some (expensive) herbs which I did take, until they ran out 2 weeks later, and I still felt lost and menopausal…

In march 2014 I participated in a secrets of natural walking workshop. On the first morning, my menses began..Woohoo…The relief that I felt was phenominal. I began to practice the walking 20-30 minutes a day, 4 days a week.


The symptoms came and went over the next 5 weeks, but still, no more menses. Then I participated in another secrets of natural walking workshop and on the first morning, my menses began again. Oooooh the relief. I was so grateful and happy. It was so clear to me that the walking had helped to regulate my endocrine system and my hormones were doing their job again. And still now, 5 months later, I have a normal cycle, with no symptoms!!!


Unang Burhanuddin, Indonesia

I had stroke and use to spend $1400 a month on medications. After diligently practicing Secrets of Natural walking, I only only spend $20 a month. What a significant difference it has made to my Health. I am grateful and unexpectedly surprised! Secrets of Natural Walking truly is a valuable experience.

Eye Sight

dr Erna Karim, Indonesia

As a 61 year old, after my last eye check up my sight is minus -3.50 and in 5 days down to -3.00 and in the next 6 months it is now down to -2.25. My cylinder is gone completely even when the doctor says it cannot be healed. Even reading a book I do not need glasses now, very happy with this miraculous result.


Anton Susanto Hugeng, Indonesia

By just practicing 21 days, my waist reduced by 7cm and on top of that, my LDL was 104mg/dl to 77mg/dl (lowered by 27mg/dl) and my HDL was 65mg/dl to 77mg/dl (increased by 2mg/dl). 

Lower Back Scoliosis

Bill Richeson, Lexington Kentucky, United States

I have lower back scoliosis, a curve in the backbone, that has caused me pain most of my life. I am a fifty year-old man who has gotten temporary relief from yoga and chiropractic treatment. However, Natural Walking has enabled me to adjust my lower back myself through regular practice. In the past, my hip and back have been very rigid and inflexible due to the scoliosis, but now there is more openness, and I can move and adjust my hip and lower back, relieving the tightness and pain I have felt throughout my life. 

Thank you Natural Walking! 

Positive Mental Changes

Pamela Morris

I am 76 years olf with many body issues, I was stooped with rounded shoulders and a limp due to a twisted pelvis, the result of injury and falls. Muscles began to awaken, I felt stronger, I felt alive. My muscles were feeling energized. WOW!  I continued walking, twitches and niggles came and went as the adjustments for healing happened and I became accustomed to this new way of walking. My health improved I stood upright no longer twisted with a humped back. I began walking with confidence, balance and strength. In April I had a surgical procedure, I attribute the ease of my swift recovery and healing to the strength and wellness built up during daily walking time. Positive mental changes occurred, previous dramatic events became minor glitches, negative things no longer impacted on me emotionally. In an odd way a new found sense of appreciation surfaced for what had displeased me before. Problems were sorted, handled and accepted with barely a flutter… Attitudes changed, old patterns dropped away, life became buoyant and oh, so pleasant. Another beautiful surprise... gratitude. Yes. Gratitude for so many changes. I feel well and healthy and have a new love for life. I set out to explore this concept of Natural Walking and the results so far have exceeded my expectations. I didn't think about it much. I simply walked. I know through my own journey that I am only beginning. The possibilities are endless

Fitness, Core Muscles

Herlina, Indonesia

I forked out $880 for pilates and $130 for personal training but for someone like me who travels alot, I find walking such a practical and convenient exercise. I can feel my core muscles engaging in the most effective and natural way possible and that I can practice walking in smaller spaces without any equipment, practically anywhere - in my hotel room anywhere!

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