Those who never experience it would have no idea how painful it is to have hip pain, especially if it happens during your prime years. I started to even lose abilities such as lifting objects that are heavier than 20 pounds. Even one sneeze would force me to freeze up for a relatively long time because I felt so much pain in every wrong movement that I made. As time went by, not only was I tortured by my painful hip, but other problems started to pop up. My knees started to hurt, I often had pins and needles in my arms, and I could no longer look backwards without moving my shoulders. At first I thought that these pains would go away, but on the contrary they just got worse every day. I was scared to do the sports that I used to love, such as jogging or golfing. As soon as I played, my knee would hurt for days afterwards. Often, I could not sleep well in the middle of the night because my arms would cramp including having pins and needles. When I checked with the doctor, he said that this was because my knee pad had thinned and my spine had degenerated and could not regenerate anymore. I felt desperate that I had no choice but to succumb to my old age. 

After Christmas holiday in 2014, I started to be more diligent in practicing. After 2 weeks I started to get a feeling of well being. By the end of the 2 weeks, I squatted down to pick up something that fallen and I shocked myself because I could squat without experiencing any hip pain. Still doubtful, I tried to pick up something relatively heavy, and still no pain. At that time, I did not dare to try to lift up something heavier. However, when I was travelling overseas, I had to pick up my luggage that weighed more than 50 pounds. I tried to be careful when I lifted up the luggage and checked whether or not I experienced any pain…there was no pain. I was so surprised, but I still wanted to make sure so I tried again and still I felt no pain. There were aches from my muscles not being used for lifting. That was when I realized because of Secrets of Natural Walking, my hip pain was gone completely. For the aches, all I had to do was a key of Natural Walking and in just one day the aches also disappeared. Without realizing, my knee pain disappeared and I slept so well too. I can now also look backwards without moving my shoulders. I am so grateful and amazed by the gift of Natural Walking. Furthermore, without having done any other type of exercise, my stomach muscles and my body as a whole became more toned. 

Now even when I carry heavy objects, none of my problems flare up. I must now say, “I believe in SONW.” 


  • No more hip pain 

  • Knee pain disappeared 

  • Sleep improved 

  • Stomach muscles and body more toned