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Video Testimonials

Weight Loss and Better Cholesterol

Dwi Agus, Jakarta

Dwiagus lives and works in Jakarta, he often needs to leave the house very early in the morning to avoid traffic, works late and goes straight to sleep. This unhealthy lifestyle led to weight gain and an increase in high cholesterol, uric acid and blood sugar levels. Watch the video to find out what happened to him after practicing Natural Walking for 6 months :)

Change in food choice and Diet

Ann De Jesus Negron, New York

Ann de Jesus had trouble losing weight and keeping it off! She ate lots of cake, cookies and sweets but after natural walking, naturally her choice of food changed, she didn't need to restrict or go on diets but was more in tune with her what her body wanted... more nourishing, fresher healthier food !


Barbara Hayes, USA

Barbara is 78 has osteoporosis shares her journey and what she has gained from Natural Walking practice 👏🏼👵🏻 listen on

Body Posture Changes

Johnnie Hall, Peru

Johnnie Hall from Peru had posture problems from rock climbing making him look like a "chimpanzee" and practicing natural walking has helped him to be not only his mind is clearer, he is more relaxed, his mood is lifted, his spine is straighter and he feels he can't skip a day of practice because it feels that good!! 

Natural Walking and Acupuncture

Darragh O Sullivan, Ireland

Darragh O Sullivan is an Acupuncturist Ireland, hear what he has to say about Natural Walking 😌🙌🏼

Fresher and Energized

Nia Dinata, Award Winning Film Director

Award-Winning Indonesian Film Director Nia Dinata comments after joining her first Secrets of Natural Walking® Workshop! "SONW is a relevation for me, walking is something I took for granted for almost 46 years"

Lower Back Pain Completely Healed

Murdaya W Po, President of Indonesia Golf Association

Secrets of Natural Walking® cured my back pain when nothing else could. I do not need to rely on my expensive back brace anymore. Now i am slimmer, my mind calmer and my body more energized. My game has never been better!

Degenerative Disc Disease

Jim Van Huysse, United States

I'm stoked to report that my back feels fundamentally different. I feel taller,straighter, and more aligned. A week ago, I sat at a concert on cement, backless “seats” for over 2 hours, (something I never could have done even a few weeks prior). Best of all, I don’t feel the need to watch every move I make in order to protect myself from pain. 

Pain in Shoulders Vanished

Bertha, Australia

I attended my first session of the course (Secrets of Natural Walking®) and at the end, found the pain in my shoulders had vanished and I could raise my arms above my head so easily and painlessly. Imagine my surprise on the next day to find I could stand up from the settee with no pain and no need to have someone haul me to my feet. This has continued to my amazement and delight!!”

Candida, Posture, Liver Damage and Eczema

Anyez Rosalez, United States

It has been 3 months since taking the workshop and I’m still practicing every day and loving it. My candida is gone, no itching, no eczema, and my eyes are clear. Old bumps/scars from the itching have disappeared. My posture has improved so much, and my shoulders are straight now. 

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Yalda Cassidy, Mother

After I gave birth to my daughter, I had trouble with the amount of breastmilk I had. Tried alot of medical/natural options but after natural walking I can now naturally produce breastmilk enough for her to be satisfied.

No More Blood Pressure Medicine

Ila Patel, United States

I always had trouble losing weight but after taking level 1, I lost 20 pounds. I also use to have alot of breathing problems but after SONW, I can live life more peacefully and happily. My doctor is surprised because I no longer need to take blood pressure medicine anymore. My blood sugar is more level and SONW is working so wonderfully on my body. So many people tell me I look 20 years younger!

So many things I couldn't do anymore I can now do without getting tired like my Indian Dancing. I couldn't believe until people started telling me. I am so grateful.

Improves my Body proportions and Strength

Donna Ellerton, Owner of CycleExcel

Im a international presenter, I train fitness instructor/personal instructors. I currently specialise in indoor cycling. I have tried many types of training to shape and tone her body & get the health and wellness benefits.

I had alot of injuries such as misalignment of the hips, after SONW my posture improved, my waistline reduced and I find my bulky "cyclist thighs" are leaner and I surprisingly gained more power on my legs for running/cycling. 

Numbness from Mastectomy Significantly Reduced

Eileen Hoffmaster

I had double mastectomy for breast cancer and always believed that your body has the ability to heal, it wants to heal. After 5 months of practicing SONW, the numbness from the surgery 95% of the feeling came back. My right knee that was having trouble, the knee pain dissapeared.

No Need for Leg Surgery

Julie Lin, Singapore

After seeing a neurologist and having suggested to undergo surgery, Julie decided to give SONW Level 2 a go and after the 2 day workshop, she is off her crutches after 10 months and happier than ever!

Hormones & Eating Habits

Franca Carrera, Australia

After 19 years of trying to control my body, negative attitude, bingeing and purging, I had no hormones, no oestrogen/progesterone but after Secrets of Natural Walking, my doctor says all my hormone results have gone up & my body has improved in health enough for me to get my period again for the first time in many years.

Vitality and Life

Jim Wheeler, New Zealand

I pinched my nerve on my back many years ago lifting something heavy, I can't get our of bed in the mornings and it was painful and frustrating. I had treatment done but the pain always came back with various degrees of pain. After 20 months of SONW, I have not had any bad episodes of my back and I forget about it completely. I can lift things 40kg and no more problems. My hips improved and I feel more vitalised and energized.

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I Can Move my Hands Freely Again

Bertha, Hobart

I attended my first session of the course and at the end found the pain in my shoulders had vanished and I could raise my arms above my head so easily and painlessly.


I wasn’t able to attend the second session next day as I had a day in bed feeling sick with the flu.


Imagine my surprise on the next day to find I could stand up from the settee with no pain and no need to have someone haul me to my feet. This has continued to my amazement and delight!!

I recommend this to especially anyone who is looking for an easy holistic approach. No side effects, no supplements or needles. 

Kyokushinkai Karate Chief

Danny Pajouw, Jakarta

Danny is a Branch Chief in Kyokushinkan International Indonesia.

Usually when he attends tournaments, competitions or practicing in the dojo, he experiences injuries that are quiet deadly. After trying different healing alternatives which usually requires prolonged time for healing, he has found that with SONW, the healing process is much faster and his stamina is better.

Hunch Back

Raewyn Somers


Darma Sukmana

Doctors Opinion

Dr Tjok


dr Nurlaita

Dislocated spine disc

Yanto, Medan

A big piece of rubble from a building fell onto my back 9 years ago and one disc of my spine was dislocated until it could be physically seen protruding on my back. I wore a metal brace everyday for a year and for 8 years I couldn’t lay flat on my back. I was in constant pain even when lying down. During SONW workshop, I felt something shifted in my disc and just in 3 weeks the dislocated spine was back in place, and the pain disappeared. I'm very pleased that I am finally free from years of pain, Thank You SONW!


Unang B, Surabaya

I had stroke and use to spend $1400 a month on medications. After diligently practicing Secrets of Natural walking, I only only spend $20 a month. What a significant difference it has made to my Health. I am grateful and unexpectedly surprised! Secrets of Natural Walking truly is a valuable experience.

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