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Pelvic Floor Disorder

I felt so inspired hearing what Loving changes are happening to other women through the Gift of Secrets of Natural Walking. As far as the pelvic floor is concerned…well, I went for a proper jog today for the first time in five years. And I was very grateful. I gave up running, even running across a street to avoid traffic as for many years, I was experiencing impact incontinence. I quit doing circuit classes, any kind of dancing, skipping or joyful bouncing. It just wasn’t worth the embarrassment. I saw an incontinence specialist in early 2011, did various pelvic floor exercises for months until I became bored and just resigned myself to moving at a dignified pace for the rest of my life. This was hard because I used to love running, basketball and sports. When my mother was 51, being a marathon runner, she had just started winning her age group in 5 and 10 K runs. She competed up until she was 70 years old. Comparatively, it didn’t seem right that I was impaired in this way. 


Today when I jogged up and down the hills of my neighborhood, I was half dreading the experience. Instead, it was so delightful and so freeing. I am so grateful to be able to enjoy moving in a way my body was designed to without worrying about incontinence. It literally never occurred to me to try running again.... I had so given up years ago. 


  • No more back pain 

  • Improved pelvic floor muscles 

  • No more hunched back 

  • Posture improved 

  • Happier and healthier 

  • Feeling fresh and relaxed 

  • No longer limited by fear of incontinence 

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