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Kyphosis (Scoliosis)

I have had Kyphosis a type of scoliosis, since I was a child. This caused my back to hunch and my parents tried a number of things to help me straighten my posture: from chiropractic adjustments, daily back muscle exercises, to wearing shoulder braces/ straps. All only helped marginally, so I managed to get used to my condition. My chiropractor told me that when I get older, as my shoulders and back broadened out, it would become less noticeable. That was somewhat the case, but in general my posture was far from good and my kyphosis remained. (*Kyphosis is a curving of the spine that causes a bowing or rounding of the back, which leads to a hunchback or slouching posture.) 

After college I got heavily involved in triathlon, including competing in a number of Ironman events. During my training and events, my back would often hurt especially during cycling as I had to bend over the handlebars and I usually put the strain on the curved part of my back. I eventually got various mild, repetitive injuries and decided to take a break and focus on yoga to help strengthen muscles. Yoga did many things for me including becoming more flexible, strengthening back and core muscles, and improving my balance, however, my back was still curved. When I was tired/lazy to engage my back muscles, my posture reverted to the way it was before. 

About 1 week after I took the workshop I noticed my spine straightening. I was experiencing quite a bit of pain in the lower/middle part of my back where my kyphosis begins. I measured myself 3 weeks after my first workshop, and noticed between a 3/4 and 1 inch growth! After another 2 weeks, I was at about 1 inch. Now, about 6-7 weeks after, I’ve grown a little over an 1 inch and I feel i still have another 1/4 inch to grow before my spine is more ‘normal’. 

Since I’ve taken the workshop, I haven’t been to a yoga class nor practiced yoga on my own. While I knew that I would get the adjustment/alignment benefits as well as core and leg muscle strengthening with the Natural Walking, I didn’t realize that I would also get more flexible, which is another core aspect of yoga. With Natural Walking my hamstrings and lower back, which have always been abnormally tight and I believe is related to my kyphosis, are getting more flexible. This is similar to what I experience with a complete yoga workshop, but it seems more natural and less 


  • Spine straightening 

  • Growing taller by an inch 

  • Posture improved 

  • Core and leg muscles strengthened 

  • Gain flexibility in hamstrings and lower back 

  • Less pain 

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