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Neck and Back Pain, Candida, Liver Damage, Eczema

For the past 5 years, I had been having issues with my liver, suffered candida, and had lower back and neck pains. My eyes were constantly bloodshot red. People thought I was tired or stoned all the time. My candida was so bad that it broke out into my skin and had constant itching and eczema. It was so bad that I was unconsciously scratching while sleeping that I would wake up bleeding. I couldn’t walk for more than an hour before my back would be so sore and would have to sit down and rest. Sitting in front of the computer all day, every day, gave me lower back and neck pain. Driving home for the 1-hour commute and then standing in the kitchen to cook dinner was a real struggle. 

My eye doctor suggested I get eye surgery and have plugs put in my eyes. My medical doctor diagnosed me with a skin disease. I just didn’t believe them so I sought alternative treatments and for 4 years saw acupuncturists, stayed on strict diets, and spent over $4,000. Unfortunately, the issues were never healed, but instead only managed. The last acupuncturist I saw diagnosed my liver as being damaged from all the antibiotics, birth control, alcohol, and processed foods I had eaten all of my life. 

After taking the Secrets of Natural Walking Workshop, I practiced every day for only 30 minutes to an hour a day. My diligence was surprising because I was never able to get into the habit of exercising regularly before. More than I’ve ever felt in years, I started feeling stronger and more energized. The only thing I did was Natural Walking and after only 2 weeks, I could no longer walk the old way. After 6 weeks, my posture straightened and I felt taller. When walking up a flight of stairs, I no longer got winded. Even sitting at my desk all day, I felt no back or neck pain at all! Normally if I went shopping for over 2 hours straight, I would have lower back pain, but this time I actually felt more energized with each step. I no longer had pain and didn’t need to take a break by sitting down. After measuring myself, I realized that I had lost 4 centimeters off my waist and hips, my left and right leg became the same size, and my breasts became fuller. 

It has been 3 months since taking the workshop and I’m still practicing every day and loving it. My candida is gone, no itching, no eczema, and my eyes are clear. Old bumps/scars from the itching have disappeared. My posture has improved so much and my shoulders are straight now. Now I can have bread, sugars and some caffeine without any side effects. I am feeling healthier than I have ever felt in a very long time. My whole body feels stronger, so energized, and so much happier overall!


  • No more back pain 

  • Candida eliminated 

  • Eczema gone 

  • Scars and bumps from scratching disappeared 

  • Eyes are bright and clear 

  • Stamina and endurance increased 

  • Liver healed 

  • Feel more energized 

  • Happier, less moody 

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