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"SONW is a revelation for me. Walking is something I took for granted for almost 46 years."

"SONW cured my back pain when nothing else could. Now I am slimmer, my mind calmer and my body more energized. My game has never been better!

1 Day Walking Therapy

This workshop will teach you how to walk properly using the 6 keys that will be reviewed one by one in detail to make sure every participant knows the basic understanding of natural walking so that every step we take can:


  1. Significantly reduce joint, bone and nerve pain

  2. Improve posture and related conditions such as scoliosis and hunch back

  3. Increase flexibility and balance and a more developed core

  4. Improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels

  5. Improve digestion, metabolism and weight loss

  6. Improve functioning of internal organs

  7. Increase energy and endurance levels and vitality

  8. Have a more toned and proportional body size

  9. Have a  calmer mind and elevated mood and improved sleep quality.

Participants will be invited to do experiments in this interactive workshop to be more connected to their body and to most importantly experience relaxation by actively removing stress. The end result of this training is to make a person more healthy mentally and spiritually.physically ,

Secrets of
Natural Walking

A thorough and deep realignment
of the spine and whole body



Film Director


President of Indonesia
Golf Association


A Step Towards A Healthy Body

Secrets of Natural Walking® Benefits for your mind, body and heart.


My posture and skin improved, SONW has helped me to be happier and open when interacting with others. This helps me to be calmer, less stressed and my everyday mood is better.

I was diagnosed with Alopecia which is an illness that causes balding. After practicing SONW minimal 60 mins a day for 21 consecutive days, my doctor was surprised that new hair started to grow again at the balding spots.

I suffered from a collapsed disc in my spine due to degeneration, which caused a crack in one of the vertebrae. I could not go up or down the stairs, but about 3 months into Secrets of Natural Walking, I was surprised that I could bend my left knee while climbing the stairs! 

Nimue Lauritzen, Yogjakarta

Gia, Indonesia

Wun Hong Moi, Singapore


Natural Walking Workshop

Workshops consist of 8 hour sessions and are held over a one or two day period

taught in groups or in private individual sessions. Natural Walking workshops combine theory with practical application to introduce, reinforce and fine-tune the program's simple six step natural walking movement. Participants will receive a workbook, audio recording for daily practice and a certificate upon completion. After 2 weeks of practicing, participants can contact their instructors for feedback and help and any general questions.


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CEU Provider

Natural Walking is an approved CEU Provider for massage therapist in Texas, USA.

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