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Donna Ellerton

Donna Ellerton is from Australia and has spent most of her working and personal life travelling Australia and the globe presenting wellness, fitness and health education and training programs to fitness instructors, medical professionals, corporates and the general public. She currently resides in Melbourne and loves to help people grow, develop and find a sense of peace and calmness in the busy world.


Donna has been a professional educator and program developer for health and wellness for over 20 years.  As a sought after presenter, she was approached to develop fitness instructor courses in Europe and upon returning to Australia developed a series of professional education courses for Fitness instructors, which were developed into a world first Online education platform. 


As a wellness professional, she was genuinely concerned about the health in the broader community, as she witnessed the rise in obesity, health problems and mental health issues. From there she started to share her knowledge and expertise at a series of free public events which offered realistic methods to create change. As a business entrepreneur and author, Donna began to share the information as a private keynote speaker for many corporate organisations, developing life changing presentations that offered a behavioural health outcome.



With a positive attitude for continual learning, Donna discovered a life changing education course called ‘Secrets of Natural Walking’.


The one-day course covered; clear take home instructions on improving body shape, muscle tone, mental wellbeing as well as improving health. Keen to learn new information to share with the public and corporate sector, she travelled to Los Angeles to complete the five day intensive training regime to qualify as an instructor. After qualifying as an advanced instructor, Donna reported that after practicing daily for a period of 6 weeks, she was pain free. Her posture had changed, she was standing taller, the leg muscles changed shape and were more in proportion with the rest of the body and there were noticeable mental and health benefits also. Donna stated that all the physical changes were quite surprising as she had been training herself and others very intensely in the gym 6 days per week for over 20 years. The reports from attendees completing the training delivered by Donna were equally astounding, with many delegates claiming that they were no longer experiencing pain in their knees, hips, backs, feet and neck. Many had only adopted the new skills from Secrets of natural walking for no more than two weeks and were already seeing significant changes in their body and health.​


Donna now presents and delivers the training program ‘Secrets of Natural Walking’ to the public and corporate sector in Australia through her business ‘Well Body and Spirit’ She encourages people to complete the one day course and integrate the skills into their lives for life changing results and benefits.

City: Melbourne

Phone: 0479 063 285

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