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Nino Susanto

Nino Susanto, Yogyakarta & Thailand, 35.

Born in Palembang and raised in a small rural village in Lampung, Nino had grown into a passionate and spiritual human being. Always quite the thinker and a seeker, He had been teaching Secrets of Natural Walking for almost 3 years where he is now an Advanced Instructor at PT Karya Sehat Sejahtera Alami. A happy, outgoing individual and health & well-being enthusiast, Nino dwells into the practices of holistic exercise that is Natural Walking. Love to travel and spend time in nature. Nino believes that change in the world is start from within oneself. Starting with a Happy Smile. Between Yogyakarta, Karimun Jawa where he managing a family business on Hospitality and most of South East Asia countries, he is happy to share the key to happiness and health and always appreciate a good laugh out loud.

City: Yogjakarta

Phone: +62811253792

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