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Diana Stone

Diana Stone, Ph.D. has been in private practice as a Psychologist since 1994. With her Ph.D. in Psychology of Consciousness, her counseling work with clients has focused on the mind-body connection, and the spiritual connection.   As a dancer since childhood, and a long term practitioner of yoga, Diana recognized the complex interplay between body and mind, each dramatically affecting the other.  Diana has also been a professional energy healer since 1992, after training and apprenticing for over 23 years in four different healing modalities. She continues to study Reiki Tummo, a system of channeling of Divine Love and Light while supporting a grounded connection with the Earth, and has taken 7 trips to Indonesia for training.


It was through this modality that Dr. Stone first learned the Secrets of Natural Walking.  She was impressed with the fundamental simplicity yet deep efficacy of the Natural Walking practice, and its ability to work on many levels.  As a Psychologist, Diana finds that the natural walking practice has a profound effect on calming the mind and reducing stress.  For those who cannot or do not like to sit still to meditate, this practice is a natural.  As a dancer and yoga practitioner, she deeply appreciates the affect on her body for alignment, balance, and healing on many levels.  And, as a woman,  loves the way it tones her body, which, now in her sixties, she had assumed was “going down hill from here”.  As Diana teaches Natural Walking, she continues to find that participants who commit themselves to the Walking Practice have benefits way beyond their expectations.


City: Asheville NC

Phone: +1 828-779-4177

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