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Degenerative Disc Disease,

Balance Disorder, Stroke

I am now 85 years old. About five years ago, I suffered from a collapsed disc in my spine due to degeneration, which caused a crack in one of the vertebrae. After being discharged from the hospital, I was still unable to sit up for long periods of time. If sitting up for 3-4 hours, I had to rest lying on my back. 

During the workshop, all the stiffness and pain from my back and entire body had gone and I felt fresh and relaxed immediately. I have been very diligent with my practice of Secrets of Natural Walking. My daily routine of Secrets of Natural Walking has helped me not only in strengthening my back, but my hunched back is now very much straightened too! 

I suffer from the imbalance of fluid inside my ears, which resulted in a loss of balance. However, 1 month into practicing Secrets of Natural Walking, I was able to stand on the moving rehabilitation machine for a good 5 minutes without holding on to anything. I had suffered from a mild stroke that resulted in the weakness and stiffness on the left side of my body and my left leg could no longer bend at the knee. For about 8 years, I had to lean on my right leg first when moving up or down the stairs and then lift my left leg (without bending it) to the same step before moving on to another step, both feet on one step at a time. However, about three months into Secrets of Natural Walking, I was surprised that I could bend my left knee while climbing the stairs! Now I can walk up or down the stairs more easily, and my family and I believe that no medication or physiotherapy could have given such amazing results! 

Daily practice of Secrets of Natural Walking has helped me for my whole well-being. Besides being able to bend my knees when walking up and down the stairs, my sleep quality has improved. Secrets of Natural Walking has also helped me to keep a very calm disposition in many situations. My doctor complimented me during one of my regular check-ups. He said that I had maintained my general health above the average of seniors my age, even after suffering from a mild stroke 8 years ago.


  • Back pain and body stiffness gone 

  • No more hunched back, and back strengthened 

  • Balance in body restored 

  • Knee healed, now able to walk up and down stairs 

  • Able to stay calm in challenging situations 

  • Feeling fresh and relaxed 

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