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Angela Holmes

Angela Holmes SONW photo.jpg

I live in the beautiful city of Hobart in Tasmania, Australia. I grew up here surrounded by family and the wonderful people in this majestic Island state. I love getting outdoors enjoying the natural wilderness and living an active healthy life.

I started open heart meditation and reiki in 2010 to help with physical and mental health challenges. Both practices made a huge different to healing from health conditions and finding a sense of calm and stillness throughout life’s ups and downs.

I started natural walking in 2014 which became like a walking meditation and helped me carry this stillness and joyful state into my daily life.

Natural walking has had amazing benefits for me including helping with hormone and immune system challenges, chronic fatigue, stress and anxiety, lower back and ankle injuries and a wonderful sense of grounding and emotional stability.

I was so grateful to train as a natural walking instructor in 2018 and share this deep practice with others.

City: Hobart
Phone: +61421303584

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