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Azam Babataher

Being in the field Of Education for so many years, providing and teaching families and children of all ages to deal with everyday life and its challenges had big effect on my own life. There were many unanswered questions as far as I could remember all my life. Who am I? What is this life about? What is my role? Where will I go after this life? My inner search led me to the path of spirituality without knowing anything. In year 1998 I was introduced to the Healing Path. In year 2000, I became a certified practitioner for “Healing Touch International” and since then I was certified practitioner in many more Healing modalities but still not satisfied until I was introduced to Reiki Tummo, Open Heart and Finally “The Secret of Natural Walking” workshops. With Reiki Tummo I found the missing part of me “The Spiritual Heart”, With Open Heart workshops I found the path of my connection with my Creator” True Source” and  finally “The Secret Of Natural Walking” workshops was the best cure to all of my dramas and traumas in every aspect of my life. Through practicing diligently I had experienced many benefits in every aspect of my life, physically I’m more energize and lighter,   my back pain (four car accidents) is gone, emotionally happier and mentally calmer. My inner search is fulfilled. True Source has answered my entire questions and I’m sooooooooo grateful. I’m honored to be able to teach this workshop and share all these amazing benefits to all.

City: Bethesda/Rockville -
Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C

Phone: +1 (301) 466-6570​⁠​

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