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Cheynie Sukha


As a physically active person, I was quite surprised at the level of muscle engagement that was required of my body to practice the keys involved with the Secrets of Natural Walking. 

 Prior to my first SONW workshop, I was also practicing and teaching a lot of yoga, plus running for exercise and stress relief. I suffered continuous pain from my profession and had several related injuries.

I could feel the changes from SONW right away, and as I began regular practice, using my body the way it was designed to be used, my injuries healed as my body aligned and strengthened. 

It was a very natural progression to then teach this amazing workshop, to help others have access to this incredible gift.

As a busy mum with a full life, I need to prioritize my time, so it is with a giggle of joy, that I can share that now my no 1 source of exercise, body toning and shaping, vitality, bone and joint care, stress relief and relaxation is all contained within the 6 simple keys of natural walking.

City: Hobart
Phone: +61433324534

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