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Clare Jennings

Clare is European ( i.e. from Ireland) and loves to travel back and forth every year or second however Melbourne is definitely home now residing 16 years with an Australian husband, Greg,  three year old daughter, Lily and 18 year old step son Matt.


Clare has been in the health and wellness industry since graduating from university and studied Sport and Leisure Management.  Clare has worked in Ireland and Australia teaching the community health and fitness ranging from a number of different platforms such as: Fitness and Wellness Coach, Sports Therapist, Personal Trainer, Swim Instructor and Masseur. In more recent years Clare went back to University and graduated in Business and Marketing studies and enjoys sharing and promoting health and wellness to the corporate community of Melbourne. She loves being outdoors, everything natural, from natural wholesome foods to using natural environmental products where possible. Clare makes her own baby and adult skin care creams chemical free.


Clare has always had a love of exercise, remaining fit and healthy which in more recent years has extended to wellness in the complete sense of mind, body and spirit.  Clare uncovered Open Heart Mediation in 2009 whilst searching for a natural remedy to cure her glandular fever. Open Heart Mediation lead Clare on the most beautiful spiritual journey to uncovering the core of who she is. Open Heart Mediation without a question has changed her life, her environment and people around her for the better. This journey extended into learning, studying and qualifying as a Secret’s of Natural Walking Instructor where Clare believes and hopes she can help bring mind, body and spirit in a practical way to new participants to help significantly change their lives too.

Secrets of Natural Walking has helped significantly improve Clare’s core stability, lower back and neck pain which was constantly under stress due to giving birth. After flying out to Hobart and  attending a five day intensive walking workshop held by the founder, Irmansyah Effendi her pelvic floor repaired and strengthen itself and now she no longer has any of these problems.


Clare also reports she rarely gets sick and if she does she recovers super, super quick, something she says she doesn’t take for granted and is very grateful for. Her wish is to be of service to all the community that she comes in contact with and help teach and share the Secrets of Natural Walking.

City: Melbourne
Phone: +61409385792

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