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Arun Rubenstein

When a physical therapist performs a movement analysis, it is

apparent that something as simple as excessive rotation of the foot can cause pain in other areas of the body including the knee, hip and back. SONW instructors do a great job of thoroughly analyzing each portion of the kinetic chain, correcting deficits until the body is in proper alignment

with each step. SONW provides a variety of benefits that is in alignment with the goals of a physical therapy including postural correction, increases in strength and balance, and decreases in walking deviations.


The progressive approach allows participants to work at their own pace, and enjoy the experience. I have practiced martial arts for 22 years, prior to taking the workshop, I habitually walked with both feet rotated outward and experienced knee

pain with increased activity levels. After practicing on a regular basis, I began to notice that both of my feet were aligned properly, and I no longer experienced knee pain with running, long hikes, or intense exercises. I was amazed! The changes after SONW have been permanent and natural (meaning that I don’t have to consciously make corrections). I practice SONW on a daily basis and have continued to be amazed with benefits! If anyone out there is reading this and considering taking the SONW workshop, I would highly recommend it. “

City: Asheville NC

Phone: +1 (828) 777-3505

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