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Crystal Sanders

Crystal lives in Central Pennsylvania with her husband and two children.  She has enjoyed raising her two boys and taking care of her family.  Since first learning about the spiritual heart and meditation, she has enjoyed the transformation her life has taken.  Enjoying life, peace, calmness, and the joy it has brought and also the joy of sharing with others through meditation and workshops.

After attending Secrets of Natural Walking, she experienced renewed energy and muscle toning without the soreness and fatigue of a gym workout. While also experiencing deeper peace, calmness, and clarity. Other activities may energize, tone, etc. however, Secrets of Natural Walking really grounds everything giving her a whole mind, body, and spiritual well-being experience.

Seeing how natural walking benefited her not only physically but also enhancing her meditation and over all sense of well-being, it has become an integral part of her life.  When an opportunity to take the Instructor Training became available, she was grateful to apply and attend.

She received her Secrets of Natural Walking Instructor Certification in May 2014 and has enjoyed sharing this beautiful experience with others.

City: Pennyslvania ~ Lewisburg

Phone: 570-713-8340

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