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Dagmar Menke

I live in Lüneburg, a little nice city in the north of Germany. I have three grown up children and also grandchildren.

I love to be with my family, to be in nature and I was always interested in living a happy and also healthy life. So I like yummy and fresh food, exercising, running and yoga, meditation and also having fun with family and friends.

More than 10 years ago I started with Reiki Tummo and afterwards with Heartmeditation.It changed me and my whole life so fundamentally and  helps  me  to stay more relaxed and calm even in difficult situations.


In 2014 first discovered sonw and since 2015 I have been teaching sonw with great joy here in Lüneburg. It has become my personal health and fitness program! I love practicing sonw in the morning so I can enjoy the benefits of feeling relaxed and happy for the rest of the day. Moreover it makes me healthier: my knee pain has disappeared; my body is toned  and I feel free. I love that I can do it anytime I like, anywhere, with or without music, and even with my family and friends.

Sonw is just perfect and I love it!

City: Lüneburg

Phone: 00491743232011

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