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Deb La Fon

Deborah La Fon, M.Ed


Deborah spent her professional life focusing on understanding human behavior, particularly related to mother and child relationships.  She was the Western North Carolina coordinator of long term research projects for the Department of Maternal and Child Health, UNC Chapel Hill and participated in a family study with Duke University.  Educational Psychology led her to a deeper search for ways to help and support all humans throughout their lifespan.


After her retirement from the world of academic research, Deborah continued to follow her interest and research, taking it into the understanding of energy healing and meditation.  Realizing that the spiritual heart is the key to joy and happiness, she dove into learning to connect even more completely while supporting others, traveling internationally for her study.  She became Regional Coordinator for Open Heart Workshops, a branch of Padmacahaya International, for the US and Canada, helping thousands to be able to connect with and enjoy their own hearts.


In 2014, Deborah traveled to Indonesia where she was first introduced to the Secrets of Natural Walking.  Within a few months of experiencing this daily walking practice, she discovered how SONW brings her closer to knowing the wonder of how perfectly we are created on every level…physically, emotionally and spiritually.  These benefits led Deborah to become an instructor of Natural Walking, and to found the Secrets of Natural Walking Center of Asheville in August 2015 with her two partners.


“Sharing this simple, whole being understanding with others about the benefits of walking naturally and properly, no matter what age, is so exciting!.    Receiving the feedback that others have less pain, stronger straighter more balanced bodies and more joy and vitality in their everyday lives, fills me with enormous gratitude with every class taught and every step taken in my own personal life. “

City: Asheville NC

Phone: 828-215-6033

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