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Deborah Ballon

Deborah was born in Perú and lives in Toronto, Canada, where she moved with her husband and two children in the early 90's. She holds a BSc in business and worked for IBM/Celestica for over 25 years, having just recently retired from Supply Chain Management to happily dedicate her time to teaching. 


A deeper understanding of life's purpose was always a driving force for her. Deborah has been involved with Reiki Tummo since 2002, in addition to teaching Open Heart Meditation since 2009. She is also a certified Heart Based Therapeutics practitioner. 


During a trip to Indonesia in February of 2014 Deborah learned Secrets of Natural Walking from the founder Irmansyah Effendi, and has been delighted to share its wonderful benefits holding workshops in English and Spanish and travelling where needed. 


"I experienced a remarkable increase in energy and alertness, nowadays an overall vitality permeates my whole day. I constantly see

amazing results in my workshops, from long standing health issues to accident injuries and childbirth recovery. Natural Walking brings changes to each participant and I'm so happy to share it with you, please feel free to contact me anytime."

City: Toronto

Phone: +19059038225

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