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Donna Roller

Originally from Wyoming, my family moved to Texas as soon as we could, at least that’s the popular saying!  I was raised in south Texas, started college after high school and then married.  We moved to Missouri, where I eventually finished my Master’s degree in education.


I learned I had a love for teaching, thanks to my grandmother, and was hired to teach database classes to University staff members before deciding to forego teaching and make more money!


I spent much of my working life in corporate America, dealing with the stress of life.  Although I was always drawn to natural health, I realized my job (and my diet) had created many of my physical problems (such as chronically tight shoulders). After a few years, I was fortunate enough to finish my contract with a Fortune 500 company.  Viola!  I was out of a job.


So, I went back to school and studied massage therapy, until I realized that what I really wanted to be was someone who helped people be healthy naturally, rather than with chemicals that can cause side effects.  Through encouragement from a friend, I finished my studies and passed the naturopathic board exam.  Now what?  After more studies on human physiology, how stress affects our body, and how correct nutrition can repair and rebuild our health, I opened my office in Sugar Land as a Traditional Naturopath.  My goal was (and is) to help people restore their health, naturally, using real food, meaningful exercise, and emotional support.


When I found Secrets of Natural Walking, it seemed to fit right in with what I was already doing, although at first, I wasn’t at all sure it was for me.  My background as a competitive athlete seemed to hinder my progress. And then there was what I thought I knew about body mechanics that got in my way.  I suffered many aches and pains trying to “walk just right!”


Eventually, I decided to take the training to become an SONW Instructor and have never looked back.  Not only has Natural Walking helped me help others, it has made a huge difference in my own health.  Although I failed to recognize it, my posture was really terrible, starting with one foot over-pronating, then compensating with one knee, severe hip weakness, and an extreme head-forward position.


Today, I no longer wear orthotics in my shoes, actually enjoy going barefoot, and stand straighter and taller than ever.


Now, when my clients come in to my office, looking for someone to help them restore their health, I have a solution for them that is much less expensive than anything else I carry in my supplement cabinet!  And I’m very happy to share it with others.

State: Texas ~ Houston
Phone: 281-703-6352

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