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Gayatri Burden

Gayatri has been a professional project manager for several years. She is happy to now contribute her professional expertise in the field of renewable energy. She enjoys her fast-paced position managing projects in solar power. 


Having lived a largely sedentary personal and professional life for years together, Gayatri developed poor posture (among other bad habits). She also developed a variety of health conditions, including chronic allergy and skin conditions, all from internalizing her near-constant, high-stress professional (and personal) life. Although she was oblivious to it until she attended a deeper level of Natural Walking, Gayatri sadly began to think of her body as a burden. [Good news, at Natural Walking Level 2, she realized what a Blessing the human body is!] 


Gayatri's life took a happy turn when she felt called to participating in her first Secrets of Natural Walking workshop. She has admitted that while she felt called to attending the Workshop, she wondered how anyone could teach her how to 'walk naturally' when she had been doing so for so long! Mid-way through the workshop, she realized that a painful hip injury began to feel different, but in a positive way. By the end of the workshop, she was breathing better after years of being chronically congested and on daily prescription allergy medications! She also began to gradually see her mind, emotions, and even her spirit, become calmer, clearer. Who knew? :) 


Having begun to experience the benefits of Natural Walking, Gayatri seized the opportunity to become a teacher. She believes that one learns more when one teaches. She enjoys watching children of all ages take the first step, sometimes reluctantly, and then make that inevitable, joyful turn to the first time they embrace the ease, simplicity and far-reaching benefits of Natural Walking! 


Gayatri is grateful to have found such a deeply transformative way to move the body, and to live a happier, healthier life. 

City: California ~ San Diego, Kansas ~ Lenexa

Phone: 913-568-4681

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