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Gerard Laracy

Gerard, originally from New Zealand, is a natural therapist living on the island of Mallorca in Spain where he uses several therapies to help clients take control of their health to deal with all manner of physical and emotional issues. He hopes that by sharing Natural Walking with his clients, they will become more aware of the importance of self care and increase their quality of life so as to enjoy all the beauty that life in Spain has to offer and spend less time in hospital waiting rooms. Gerard also speaks both Spanish and Japanese and can conduct clases in either language.


Walk your way to health? We all know walking is good exercise but it is often considered only for people that cant run because of their age, weight or because they are recovering from injury. Now I walk instead of running….and I feel great!


I never would have believed that my aching shoulders could be relieved with a single step, or a headache cleared in under 2 minutes by taking a slow step, but thats exactly what happens if you practice Natural Walking. And thats just in the first few minutes! What happens next can be anything from shaking legs, clicking verterbrae or a rumbling stomach as the body begins to unblock and heal itself.


30 minutes into it every muscle fibre gets an intense workout and I often think maybe I should stop now, but if I continue through the first barrier I notice suddenly the knees get lighter, the chest more open and even the the hands are changing to the point the skin is silky smooth to the touch. My brain tells me these things cannot be happening simply from a few basic steps but my body is crying out for more as it becomes freer, calmer and after 60minutes part of me knows a new level of changes is now starting to happen and all I have to do is keep relaxing and enjoying to receive even more benefit.


After years of busting a gut in gyms or martial arts dojos Im so glad Ive found something that combines so many factors all in one. Through regular practice I feel more energised, get less muscle soreness or joint pains and recovery time is faster after regular exercise. The benefits of exercise, meditation, massage therapies or chiroprcatic adjustment can all be gained from Natural Walking. In fact doing sports has become easier now as the joints and fascia of the body are now more vitalized and flexiblity has even returned too. This all has to be experienced to be believed, words will never be enough to share the deep changes that happen when we walk the way we were designed to!

City: Palma de Mallorca
Phone: +34 646 38 31 43

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