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Gisela Spangenberg

My name is Gisela Spangenberg.  I was born in Peru.

I lived in many different countries after i left my country, but chose Germany as my home.  I married here, built a family and after studying Linguistics changed my mind and decided to become a naturopath.  


All my life I have been searching to find out how to help people to become healthier and happier.  I searched through many different spiritual traditions, studied a lot about homeopathy, healing methods, etc. and always came to the conclusion that there is no patent medicine to help people to become healthier, until I learned about Secrets of Natural Walking.


I have been practicing Natural Walking for the last 3 years and I must admit, that I never went through such a deep process of transformation before.

I have experienced many amazing deep changes, not only on the physical level but also on the emotional and psychological level.  Every step I do changes everything in me and I feel fresher, happier, more joyful, and grateful, because the changes are not only deep, but crucial.  Sometimes i can't even believe how fast the changes happened and how positive and open I feel about the miracles that can happen through the steps that I practice.  My body, my psyche, my emotional condition, my thoughts have changed beautifully and positively.  I have witnessed marvelous changes in my surrounding, among people going through serious illnesses.  The results are better than what my logic thinking could have accept and understand.  

My limitations as a naturopath are very clear, but the steps of Natural Walking are not.  They open a huge range of healing chances in each one of us.  I definitely encourage all my patients to practice this beautiful way of becoming more in tune with the most simple and complex word in our existence: with LOVE

City: Hamburg/ Rosengarten​

Phone: 0174-8710071

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