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Glenn Backes

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I am 73 years (feel 30) and a Walking Instructor in Perth, Western Australia.  SONW has given me a new lease on life physically, emotional, mental and spiritually.  The benefits of SONW on my physical body have been numerous including:

  • Better balance standing and walking

  • Back pain has disappeared

  • Digestion has improved

  • The muscles in the core of my body, arms and legs are getting stronger

  • Fat around stomach is melting

  • Joints more flexible

  • Face looking much younger along with many other benefits.


Emotionally, I do not react so strongly to other people's negative emotions. Mentally, do not suffer from the highs and lows of Life and my behaviour is more joyous. Spiritually, now realising the importance of the physical body and walking has on our spiritual awakening. 


As a Walking Instructor, I look forward to incorporating all that I have learned from the many training seminars/lectures to help each participant receive and understand the important aspects and benefits of correct walking at any age of their life and to help each participant learn correct walking and to experience the many positive changes.

City: Perth

Phone: 61-403 257 408

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