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Gloria Brennan

I’m a happily retired manager of non-profit organizations who has advanced degrees in Sociology and Urban Planning. My husband and I enjoy living in a rural area of the western part of New York State and love to travel often for pleasure and to visit family in Kauai and Arizona.


I was 67 years old when I took the Secrets of Natural Walking workshop and teacher training in Jakarta. At the time, my body was at its highest weight and flabbiest. My legs were so weak that I had to pull myself up the stairs with my arms. I visited a chiropractor at least twice a month because my hips and spine kept going out of alignment. Several years ago, I had lower back surgery because of a cracked disc. I had no idea that my problems were due to improper walking.


I walked with both feet and knees pointing outward and swung my legs and hips. I walked on the outer part of the sole on my left foot so that my leg was bowed and my sole was a crescent shape and would not flex because the muscles on the right part of my sole were deadened. I also walked with my stomach pushed outward, the cause of the weakening of my lower back. During the workshop I had difficulty doing the keys properly because of my weak legs and years of improper walking, but almost immediately, I felt the muscles in my chest/breasts grow….and this was surprising for a 67 year old woman! I felt significant changes in my body….some not so pleasant as my feet, legs, hips, pelvis and spine were straightened and strengthened. I could feel my calf muscles, thighs and stomach being toned.


When I returned home five weeks later, my feet were no longer twisted to the outside and my left leg was less bowed. I lost 6-8 pounds and an inch in my waist, thighs and hips. My eyesight improved two levels in one eye and somewhat in the other. My calves, thighs, and butt were toned. I had more energy and felt great. I’ve been amazed at the changes in myself and others from the workshop and diligent practice.  

I’m very grateful to for the opportunity to teach the Secrets of Natural Walking so that others can experience its benefits. It helps people of all ages and health conditions. It’s an amazing workshop and practice.


City: Buffalo, New York
Phone: +1 (716) 713-2152

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