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Gloria Carroll

Gloria is a retired Medical Technologist who worked in a hospital lab for over 35 years. She is a native Pennsylvanian and has lived in or near the Philadelphia area while growing up and raising her family and now has spent the last 25 years residing north of the city with her husband of 47 years.

Even though she worked in an allopathic setting she was always interested in a more holistic approach to healing and was fortunate to have educational benefits that allowed her to take over 10 years of alternative courses in Massage Therapy, Usui Reiki, Polarity and Cranial Sacral Therapy and the One Brain System.

Gloria was fortunate to teach Reiki for a Holistic Health Center run by the Medical Mission Sisters and while there had the opportunity to go to India and observe a Holistic Center that practiced many modalities including Ayurvedic Medicine and she got to experience many of their practices.

All of this led her to have a great respect for the healing capabilities that are within the human body as it was designed by the Creator.

She was also very interested in Spirituality and searched for many years until she was led to a path that had Reiki Tummo as a healing connection to Divine energy and Open Heart Meditation to open the Spiritual Heart and experience a more direct connection to the Creator than anything she had previously learned in her years of religious practices.

It was through the Natural Way of Living under the guidance of Irmansyah Effendi who is also the founder of the Reiki Tummo system of healing and spiritual growth that she was introduced to Secrets of Natural Walking. This is a way of walking that teaches you to walk the way the body was designed to by the Creator.

After learning Secrets of Natural Walking in Jakarta and practicing for a while Gloria applied to and was accepted to take teacher training in Los Angeles in 2014.

Having learned Natural Walking at the age of 67 she admittedly had a little struggle to first practice it due to physical problems of gouty arthritis, lymphedema and poor circulation in her legs as well as spinal problems from osteoporosis. She feels now she is in a good position to help people of all ages to learn Secrets of Natural Walking as most of her physical problems have been significantly improved. Most of all she would like to share it with the older population because she has experienced herself the benefits over the last 3 years that gratefully have restored her balance and improved her weight and body strength and overall physical, mental and spiritual health.   

City: Lansdale, Doylestown and Phoenixville,PA and South Jersey, Long Beach Island,NJ
Phone: +1 (215) 917-2307​⁠​

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