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Melky Herlina

Hi everyone! I’m a professional working in Financial Industry for almost 15 years. Having a Master degree in Engineering, I have a strong analytical mind and often can’t stop thinking :) I started my spiritual practice at a young age since I can’t stop thinking about this life and what I can do about it.

I came across this Secrets of Natural Walking as part of my spiritual practice, as it was introduced by the same Grand Master who has helped me to realize the real purpose of life and the answers to all of my questions by opening my spiritual heart, GM Irmansyah Effendi, MSc. 


Before practicing Secrets of Natural Walking, I didn’t know any better that my stamina can improve, no more broken sleep at night, my body posture improved, my body shape changed - without doing any other exercise, and most importantly my meditation improved. All these benefits achieved simply by correcting the way I walk.


I started teaching this Secrets of Natural Walking in 2014 because I want to share this amazing practice with my family back in Indonesia. Since then, I have taught many classes in Perth, Indonesia and Japan, and helped participants to correct the way they walk and practice together. Seeing how people change and get healthier and happier, has been the greatest motivation so far in sharing this practice. It’s very easy, simple and so rewarding!

City: Perth

Phone: +61433919887

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