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Jackie Burkowitz

I first learned SONW in 2015, and felt called to do the teacher training shortly thereafter.  I have always struggled with back problems, and given the lineage of back pain/scoliosis in my family, resigned myself to a life of it.  From a young age I’ve also had a tendency to curve inward, resulting in a very unnatural alignment of my body (shoulders/neck forward, pelvis tucked). At various points in my life, I had tried chiropractic work in hopes ridding the back pain and having better posture.  Although this was helpful, the pain would inevitably return, and I would continue to “curve in on myself.”  When I heard about Secrets of Natural Walking, It resonated with my heart and brain that the body does have a natural alignment, and letting go of all that is unnatural would result in real change, like hitting the reset button. 


Now, SONW is part of my daily life.  Not only do I no longer experience back pain,  But my body feels fresher, balanced, and much straighter.  What I find most significant, however, is the harmonious calm amongst my body mind and spirit that I have never experienced before.  For me it has been the most tangible experience of the body/mind/ spirit connection, as I’ve come to realize how my walking and posture has a tremendous impact on my mind and spirit as well. I feel so clearly that what is truly natural is best, for all parts of our being.   SONW has truly been a blessing, and I am so grateful to share with others the gift of natural walking.

City: Vermont ~ Burlington

Phone: 617-592-8087

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