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Jacqui Gascoyne

I was inspired to do Natural Walking by a very sweet 78 year old Indonesian lady whom I heard was now ‘walking absolutely upright’ following the SONW workshop. This was just amazing – for I had only ever known her with a prominent bowed back, shuffling along!


At the time I was suffering from ME (Chronic Fatigue) and Fibromyalgia as well as dealing with long term problems of Scoliosis (curvature of the spine).  So I little appreciated how our bodies can naturally self-regulate and heal until I started doing Natural Walking.


At the beginning I had difficulties doing the keys properly due to weak muscles in my legs & body from years of improper walking.  This, along with knocked knees, misaligned pelvis & distorted spine meant I couldn’t walk straight at all.  Despite this, I experienced significant early changes: my pelvis opening out; the lower back curvature reducing; and the curvature in my neck smoothing out, accompanied by loud cracking to the neck joints (a little disconcerting at the time).  And that was just week 1! 


I just love doing SONW - it’s the most balanced and perfect workout for me; it’s also a beautiful way to calm the mind and relax too. I’m healthier than I have been for decades, back to walking, gardening, skiing and more. Now in my mid 60’s, changes continue to unfold.

I trained to teach SONW in 2014 & have since taught workshops & individuals in the UK (London, Coventry, Bournemouth), Ireland & Germany. Learning all the time, I love teaching SONW and seeing the very visible & positive results it has on participants, whatever their age/health.

Our body is such an amazing gift and I am so grateful to discover this, for we truly have no idea the magic that can happen with doing even just a couple of steps.

City: United Kingdom

Phone: +44(0)7715171206

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