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Jan Lau

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A nature lover who loves to read and enjoy the outdoors, sunshine, blue sky, smell and touch of rainfall, are but some of a few splendours of nature.... So very grateful to our Creator for all beautiful Gifts from our Creator and Maker.


Finding Natural-Walking is truly a precious and wonderful gift as each walking step's potential capability is fully engaged and maximise for greater health and happiness. 

It is simple, fun and easily sustainable as we do have to walk almost every moment, don't we.


From the very first day of attending the natural-walking (SoNW) one-day workshop back in January 2014 , many changes happened instantaneously.

For example,  I felt and experienced 

  • my spine more aligned

  • knees becoming straighter and notably less pressing on that area

  • back pain (though not felt physically for many years) being reworked and healed at a much deeper level (healing to the root of the problem)

as our body's meridiens and energy are now working properly and naturally. 


Even though from the physical point of view there seemed not much a drastic change in size but I can feel my body more toned and shapely (not by my earthly standard but by the way the Divine Creator created in the most loving way).


My experiences and changes felt was at a deeper non physical level. Taking each step just so grateful to the Divine Creator and feeling so joyful, light and free with all parts/consciousness in unison.  Many layers stripped off and a closer, gentler relationship to the Divine Creator. 


The fixation and standard of a physical change seemed so important and a clear sign to many that we are diligent and letting the body be "re-work".  Is this really the case.....  Personally, even if it seemed there is no result (for sure there is!) observable, ... .. it really does not matter as we are getting healthier, feeling calmer, peaceful and joyful in daily life simply through walking naturally and properly.


Thank you so much for such a beautiful simple workshop that changed my way of living and life.

City: Singapore / Johor Bahru 

WhatsApp: +65 9783 1209

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