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Jeevaa Thangavalloo

The Secret of Natural Walking (SONW) has changed my life in a positive way. I realized that I've been mistreated my body by walking in the wrong way.

Before the SONW 1, I had experienced migranes on a regular basis. I had pains in some areas such as the shoulder and neck but after I joined the SONW, I no longer have those discomforts.

I had often practised 1.5 hours for shoulder and neck pains. The results were beyond amazing. The discomforts and aches had disappeared.


SONW had transformed me into a a person of health and joy. I am so grateful for the wellbeing of my daily life. 

I recommend everyone to try the SONW and I assure you that you will see great results and a positive outcome.
Thank you.

City: Ottawa
Phone: +1 (613) 883-5192

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