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Jo Moloney

Until SONW I had never experienced VITALITY.  Freedom and lightness in body, mind and spirit through out the entire day.   SONW is the most complete self-care and natural healing process I have ever experienced. 


As a trained and experienced yoga teacher and ayurvedic therapist I was initially skeptical.  However during the first workshop I attended I began to feel my body adjusting and realigning.  Tensions held in the sole of my right foot releasing all the through to my neck and base of my skull.  It was a miraculous feeling. 


Despite consciously and diligently using yoga techniques for 10 years to address physical in balances little had changed. There were benefits to practicing yoga and ayueveda.  But not as profound as those I have experienced through SONW.  Comparatively it is as if SONW is healing from the very core, while other techniques for me achieved a more superficial, short-tem soothing affect.  


What I love about SONW: 

  • 6 keys that support the whole body, mind, spirit (so much easier than learning and using 100s of complicated postures and techniques all with different benefits)

  • No need for equipment 

  • No need to design a practice sequence

  • Can be practiced any where any time

  • Awareness and healing flow effortlessly into daily life (Such a relief after working so hard to maintain yogic attitudes and body alignment)


Personal benefits: 

  • Plantar facitisus healed, I no longer need orthotics

  • Life-long neck pain resolved 

  • Over all posture improved 

  • Increased height

  • Body measurements decreased

  • Body toned (including upper arms)

  • Noticeable increase in focus, concentration and productivity

  • Supports meditation practices

  • Emotional clarity 

  • After 6 months of regular practice signs and symptoms of autoimmune disease resolved 

  • After 10  months of regular practice chronic long-term depression resolved, after 20 years of mental anguish and struggle I am joyfully medication free 


City: Alice Springs
Phone: +61400693731

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