John Dunham

I was introduced to the Secrets of Natural Walking in the spring of 2015, wondering at the time, “Why would anyone ever need to take a course on walking?”


I have found out subsequently that is a very common reaction with most people, but I no longer ask myself that question.


Through the Secrets of Natural Walking, I have come to understand the importance of each step we take, and how each step can be a chance to reconnect with the earth.


We’ve evolved walking, and have walked as a species for millennia. Despite our long history with walking on the earth, most of us have no idea how important and beneficial our relationship with the earth can be.


In the Secrets of Natural Walking, you will learn how simple adjustments to your posture, and slight corrections to your steps will help you to be aware of your earth connection, and allow your body to let that connection do what it has been designed to do, and adjust our bodies to the way they are meant to be.


Ask yourself, “Are you aware of your connection to the earth with each step, are you feeling your connection to the earth with each step?” If not, let the Secrets of Natural Walking help you to rediscover this wonderful gift.


Walking connects us with everyone else walking on the earth, and with everyone who has ever walked on the earth. That realization is more profound the more I come to understand it. If you are the least bit interested in sharing that understanding, contact me for workshop info, and you’ll never have to ask again, “Why would anyone ever need to take a course on walking!”


I live on Salt Spring Island in the beautiful Gulf Islands of southwest British Columbia. I usually teach in the Victoria area, but with a little coaxing, and some interested students, I will gladly come to your community and share the Secrets of Natural Walking.

City: British Columbia, Victoria
Phone: 1 (250) 537-4942

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