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John Faherty

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I have been interested in movement, the benefits of movement, and the analysis of motion in people (and animals, but that is a different story) for a very long time.   That interest motivated me to train to become a chiropractor.  I have had a private practice working with people of all walks of life and background, now for over 30 years.


I have personally had many injuries that have resulted in knee instability (torn menisci and ligaments) and multiple herniated discs in the low back and neck.  My pain was significant and at one time I had to consider surgery to my low back.  Minimizing the pain, movement restrictions and as I like to say, keeping my down time reduced as much as possible, was a daily focus for me. As I have gotten older, the joint changes resulting in significant arthritic changes gave me a low to moderate level of pain, especially in my back and neck.  The knees had progressed to daily pain, sometimes significant other times, minimal and for the most part every day. Now I have minimal to no back and neck pan, and reduced knee discomfort with appropriate chiropractic care, exercises, nutrition and lifestyle, and daily SONW.  Once I added daily SONW practice, that made the greatest difference.


I originally took the Secrets of Natural Walking workshop many years ago and practiced now and then.  Loved doing it, did not see lots of changes.  As I began to be committed, and doing daily waking sessions, allowing my heart to open more and more and let the natural healing take place more, my knee pain is much more manageable, and the neck and low back rarely bother me, as I mentioned above. I was so impressed, that I took the Teacher training with the founder of SONW, Irmansyah Effendi.  There was a wonderful shift for me, connecting me to the earth much better, allowing me to feel deeper and more profound connection with the Creator, and physically, feeling the connection with the innate knowing within the body for balance and ease.


I love to teach SONW and incorporate my knowledge of anatomy, physiology, movement and the earth connection that is so important for all of us. 


With SONW, people can more easily access the deeper healing that the body is capable of and undo much of the body’s reaction to injury, helping the body remember the proper use of muscles and ligaments. SONW helps to correct the imbalances we have created in our body.


I am very grateful for this amazing workshop and practice and feel it has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. 


City: Asheville NC

Phone: +1 (828) 712-8017

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