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Judy Chew

My name is Judy Chew, 57 years old; born and raised in Singapore, married with 1 daughter and 2 sons. I have always been interested in anything related to healthy life style from healthy cooking, exercises and even mediatation.


My spiritual journey started in 2002 when I joined Reiki Tummo .  Through energy healing, I was introduced our Spiritual Heart whereby I experience the nice feeling of peace, calmness and joy.


This led me to join the Secrets of Natural Walking Workshop, Intensive Workshop and the Teacher Training in 2014 and eventually becoming the Authorized SONW Instructor.

I have taught many SONW workshops in Singapore, both English as well as Mandarin.

I am happy to share, after diligent practice, I no longer have knee pain.  Also, the ying & yang within my body are more balance.  I no longer experience excessive heatness.  Most important my extreme dry and sensitive eyes problem no longer bothers me. 


With the many positive benefits experienced, I would like to share this amazing workshop to the everyone, young and old, so that they too benefitted from this workshop.

City: Singapore

Phone: +6597113576

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