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I am a professional actress, musician and filmmaker


I work as an actress and director for movie and theater (kids/youth/ adults), focussing on the body and movement in space.


Since first attending SONW workshop in 2012,  I have been freed from profound disagreements in my body and mind, and have a much more complete, connected body feeling. This was after having already done so much bodywork in the past, ( i.e., dance, yoga , pilates, etc.).


Literally from my head to the soles of my feet, I've noticed how essential relaxation and releasing is for everything, not just as an effect AFTER a workout, but something to directly experience and enjoy during practice.


Since then, SONW has played a big role in my everyday life and profession. Especially with people who tend to be stressed out a lot, I am so glad to notice how the natural walking relieves tensions and blockages, helping the body to get back to a healthy radiance and strength.

City: Hamburg

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